mophie juice pack ultra for iPhone 6/6s – Gold- $149.99

A 3950mAh battery case made for iPhone® 6/6s, the mophie® juice pack® ultra features internal bumpers and extra cushion on the edges and corners of the case for reliable protection, and adds up to 21 hours of talk time. Integrated standby switch Want to preserve your battery life? No problem! You decide when to charge and when to save some juice for when you need it most by flipping the integrated standby switch. And you'll always know how much you have left in the tank: the LED power indicator displays the juice pack battery levels and charge status. Protection you can count on With the Impact-Isolation System, internal bumpers plus extra cushioning on the edges and corners of the case ensure your phone is kept secure, and the raised bezel edge allows you to lay your phone face-down on flat surface without fear of damage to the screen. More time The juice pack gives you more time to do the things you love like talk to family and friends, surf the web and play games: 3,950mAh delivers 150% extra battery. See additional hours broken down below. Talk time: up to additional 21 hours Web browsing: up to additional 15 hours Music playback: up to 75 hours Video playback: up to 16.5 hours Testing all the way In order to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance, every mophie battery product is tested at three different stages of production. This helps to ensure an unmatched capacity, efficiency and build quality and ultimately, an enhanced experience with your iPhone. Charge vault technology Reliability is a key feature of mophie products. With charge vault technology, mophie products are able to hold their charge for an extended period of time. Not too much, not too little Digital power management means that your device always receives the perfect amount of power for a safe, quick charge due to the use of smart charging circuitry. Priority+ Charge & Sync When connected to a computer, the magic of pass-through charge and sync takes place. What is it? Basically your iPhone 6/6s charges first, then the juice pack ultra case recharges itself. Because your phone is always top priority. The better to hear your music with The mophie juice pack ultra has integrated forward-facing acoustic speaker ports that were designed to redirect the iPhone audio towards you. This not only optimizes playback but will maximize your speaker performance.

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