CAM Plus- $69.99

Transform your LG G5™ into a "real-feel" camera with the LG CAM Plus*, an innovative module which easily attaches to your smartphone through the battery slot and includes physical buttons for essential camera functions. The module adds the comfortable grip and convenient control of a DSLR so taking photos with your device is easier and more enjoyable. An added bonus: LG CAM Plus also provides an additional 1,200mAh battery capacity** for longer shooting time. Extended use time Take pictures and videos all day long. Recharging can wait, thanks to the camera module's embedded 1,200 battery mAh capacity**. Extra battery power provided by the LG CAM Plus is especially advantageous when taking your LG G5 on vacation and other trips. Comfortable shooting grip frees up your other hand LG CAM Plus provides an improved grip for more stable shooting. Get better control for better pictures. Snap photos one-handed more easily, leaving your other hand free. Traditional camera experience The module's physical buttons for shutter, record and zoom plus intuitive focus, exposure lock and an LED indicator turn smartphone picture taking into a traditional camera experience. Quickly switch on the camera with one button so you don't miss the moment. Focus with a half-press of the key, snap with a full press. Use zoom buttons easily, like a digital camera, even while recording with one hand. *Phone not included with accessory. **The embedded battery is engaged only while the CAM Plus is in use and remains active for approximately five minutes after the last photo or video is taken. LG G5 battery capacity = 2,800 mAh; LG CAM Plus battery capacity = 1,200 mAh. These battery capacities cannot be combined. What's in the box LG CAM Plus, manual.

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